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The new Vocapedia is a wiki that allows anyone with an account to collaboratively create, edit, and publish content. The term "wiki" comes from the Hawaiian word for "quick," and the idea behind a wiki is that it allows people to work together quickly and easily to build a resource that is accessible to everyone. The most famous example of a wiki is Wikipedia, which is a free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. The new Vocapedia is built on the same platform as Wikipedia.

Vocapedia consists of two different types of pages.

  • An article is a page about a particular topic supported by evidence and citations. These pages are similar to what you see on Wikipedia and follow the same guidelines, such as verifiability. Our goal is for Vocapedia to be a dynamic, global, comprehensive source of knowledge about the voice. Knowledge is not truth. Knowledge is our best understanding based on the current evidence. As such, evidence and references are mandatory for each article.
  • A resource is a page pointing to an existing video, website, published article, etc. The original Vocapedia consisted entirely of resource pages (and all previous original content was transferred).

To contribute to Vocapedia, use the forms to create a new article or a new resource, or use the "edit" feature at the top of an existing page.

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